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The D-Word hosts discussions about the art, craft, business, and social impact of documentary film. Our Public Topics are open to all. Documentary professionals can apply for free access to a wide range of industry discussions in our Business, Creative, Social, and Technical Topics. Founded in 1999, The D-Word has become the leading documentary community with more than 10,400 members, including over 4,800 documentary professionals from around the world. Learn more about The D-Word.

A book with a number of great authors is more interesting because it could offer us a more creative scene. However, writing will never be easy, especially if the contents that we write are fictional. We need to have a broad mind to create a scene that will enlighten our readers to continue on embracing every page of our book. We need to make it more exciting to them as we continuously accompany them to the world of wonder and imagination. Remember, no one knows what we are thinking, so we must make sure that what we write may also interest them, otherwise, we could never have a good book. We could actually seek help from free web directories to ensure that an efficient and interesting write up is achieved.

Nowadays, fanfiction is popular anywhere in the world. There are several reasons why fans create a different story using original characters from other authors. Some of them are not satisfied with the plot or the ending of the story, while some fans simply want to share a story that was formed in their minds when they are reading it. Aside from the author’s official website, you will be able to see several forums that discuss specific books or series. It is the perfect place where you can catch the latest news, development in the plot of the story, book signing events, meet-and-greet shows of the authors, sharing of fanfiction stories, and even buy merchandise. You can choose to sign-up with their forum or simply post as an anonymous user. However, the website can still get personal information from your computer. Thus, make sure you read the website’s privacy policy.

Running Sites With Proxies
These days, there is only one way to run a website and that is to use proxies to do so. With the number of hacking incidents and their severity increasing of late, you don’t want to take chances anymore, now do you? You don’t want to put your website at risk just by taking security for granted, and that goes double if the information you are handling is the sensitive sort. The evil elements on the web are not resting, which is why you should never neglect the safety of your sites. Proxies might not solve every issue you will have to deal with when running a website, but it will certainly make things a lot safer overall. You shouldn’t have to worry about data breaches on top of everything else when you can focus your energy on more productive things with your business.

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